Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Behind the scenes of Ellen!

It all started at my Birthday breakfast. . . . 
Saturday morning my sweet friend Wendy planned a Birthday breakfast for me, we went to Mimi's (Love their honey bran muffin!) My mom stopped by on her way out to Las Vegas to bring me my Birthday gifts because she would be gone on my actual day. So we had a blast opening gifts and chatting. 
Then my mom gave me the envelope. I screamed and cried inside the restaurant. We were going to Ellen in days!!! Plus the ticket was for 4 people so I invited my friends at breakfast and we were set! 
Me and my mom have tried to get Ellen tickets for years so it was a crazy chance that the day that opened up was my birthday week! 

Fast forward to the actual Ellen day . . . . .
(happy girl morning helping each other get ready)

The sign in time was at 3 and the taping was starting at 6. We had to get there early so we would get a good spot in line and make sure we got in, so we showed up at 12:00 checked things out, ran across the street for lunch where we saw Gene Simmons! Then had a little photo shoot to pass time while we waited. This fun red building is the place where we had our lunch
We were so Happy and Excited! 

So then we sat around waiting until they started to check us in and give us our numbers. During the waiting they had past Ellen shows playing on flat screens, we filled our surveys, and a producer came around and asked a few groups some questions. He came over to us which was a big deal because he only talked to 4 groups. We were a little wild having a dance party the whole time so I'm sure we stood out as crazies ;) There was such a fun energy about this day. 
He asked us all the same questions. Where we were from, our age, if we have been to Ellen before, our favorite segment she does. . . THIS is where I lost it. lol.  I didn't even say a fav segment I just started to cry saying how much I LOVED Ellen and how kind she is to all. . . and blah blah blah. So pretty much I bore my testimony of Ellen. I seriously Love her. Then he took a photo of us holding our numbers and that was that.  So before we even got into the show I was a excited emotional mess! 
I would say that's when they decided I would be the 300,000 lucky audience member because they knew I would be emotional :)

They brought us into the studio -insert tears again-  and placed us into our seats. Then moved us around a couple times putting me into the Lucky seat. Now they told us before hand that when we got in there the producers may move us around and so I thought that was normal and thought nothing of it. 
 We danced for 40 minutes before the show started. The studio had such a amazing energy! All the employees were so kind and made the whole thing a party! (unlike American Idol, we will talk about that soon) The show started and it was seriously so fun! She came out, we freaked, then she talked about having 300,000 audience members. And the count down started. 
I didn't know it was going to be me until 3 before and I was so excited only thinking it meant I was the 300,000 audience member. Not knowing I got to meet her. Let alone everything else. 
It landed on me (at this point you could tell I was already hyperventilating) I jumped up and danced thinking that was it. They I saw everyone wave me down. WHAT?! I get to go meet her!!! I danced on down and about passed out. Now this is where my memory gets foggy. I was shocked after the 5,000 to best buy! It was more than a dream come true!  Thrilled is an understatement.
The prizes just kept piling on, and honestly I remember thinking it was "just for TV" and I really wouldn't get all this stuff. How could it be real??!!
Well it was! IT WAS!!!!

I went back to my seat celebrated with my friends and all the people around me. Than sat down and cried :) Trying to grasp what really happened. . . . . I'm still trying to! During the show I saw the girl that was sitting next to me at the begging, now in ellen gear working. They totally placed her by me pretending she was there to see the show, but really making sure I stayed where I was suppose to. Plus the fun continued. Everyone in the audience won a trip back and my friend Chelsea totally won the dance contest (of course!) After it was over we of course went right into the Ellen shop after and picked up some Ellen gear! Then I had to sign all sorts of papers and they said a producer will call me and give me all the details.
 I can't wait for that producer to call!!!
So there ya go . . . My dream come true 

(my mom took this photo of me passed out asleep that night in my ellen gear) 

Chatting about on studio 5 yesterday :)
(click on blog to view video)


  1. ah that's still so exciting to hear you talk about it. i know we've never met, but when i was watching it i was so excited to see you won & that i "knew" you (kind, of soarts) i was telling my husband how cool it was and how nice you are!!

    congrats girly!

  2. LAAAAAACCCIIIII!!!!! Are you kidding me??? This is amazing!

    I literally got teared up watching the video (I cry for anything happy on tv), not kidding. I am so happy for you. I love Ellen, she seriously is the best. I just wanna go hang out with her and just listen to her talk and pee my pants laughing. She's the best!

    I kind of cant get over how rad all the stuff you won was, definitely want to see pictures of the new TV!!!

  3. We don't know each other but I always watch Studio 5 and love when you are on. Congrats on all the prizes I'm sure you deserved it!!!

  4. So Jessica called me the other day and told me this crazy news!!! I couldn't even believe it! Congrats!! This has got to be the most exciting thing ever!!! I have been trying for years to get on one of her 12 days of giveaways and tried for the mothers day! I really can't get over how much she gave you. I have been to her show twice and got really good seats she even walked past me once that was a dream... I seriously wanted to wet my pants! Anyway Congrats again, its seriously amazing!

    P.s. I think it is crazy that we haven't met yet... and this is a really long comment. Maybe you are so confused at who I even am. haha.

  5. wow laci! what a rush!
    how fun! congrats on the win! that is so cool! you totally deserve it!

  6. i was so happy for you when you won...and then the prizes just kept coming! sooo soo fun!!! congrats!! can't wait to see you on upcoming shows!


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