Monday, February 28, 2011

Ellen's 300,000th audience member

Was me!

I still can not even believe this! I have watched it 100 times and still cry :) I feel so blessed!
  So now we get to go buy our first real t.v. See ya later big box! I will share all the details of how it all went down later tonight, but for now I had to share this! 


  1. that was awesome! congrats! super cute shirt too!

  2. I was like. Shut. UP.!! HOly moly so much fun! you are soooo lucky....can't wait to see what you buy! What an awesome b-day present! PS Where is the cute pink shirt from!

  3. Awesome! I cried too. But I always cry when Ellen gives stuff away, it's just too awesome!

  4. No way! I'm the hugest Ellen fan! Love her show. I always wish I could go and win something cool! good for you!


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