Friday, March 4, 2011

Reader Questions

I always get so many fun questions about outfits and lipstick when Im on Studio 5. So every time Im on Ill try to post this little "as seen on" So you can find my stuff :)

Starting with
Channa says "can u tell me where u got your cute skirt that u were wearing on Studio 5 Tuesday??:)"

I just got my skirt on our wonderful L.A Trip at ZARA I LOVE this place! Its a must stop every time I go.

Favorite thing alert!
I have to tell you about my black top. IM OBSESSED!!! But really I am. I have finally found the best undershirt. Finally someone got it right! My friend just gave it to me for my birthday and I almost wear it everyday! Its the best undershirt because ...

*Its not that cotton material that fades, balls up, and stretches out
*It holds me right in :)  (because its spandex)
*The neck line is PERFECT!!!
*It looks nice enough I can wear it alone.  (which I never can with the other brands)
See? Perfection.

(Let me know when you also become obsessed)


Suzanna said...

"laci, congrads on your big win. How lucky is that? I record studio 5 and saw your segment, so cool. I love your hair color. Where do you go to get it done and what lipstick were you wearing on the segment that aired on Tuesday. I loved it. If you could let me know that would be fabulous. "
I get my hair colored my my friend in Brigham City. She is fab! If you want to drive Ill email you her number!
and about the lipstick. . .  Another new Favorite thing!

Lorac Multiplex 3D Lip Gloss. Its AMAZING!!!!!!! I love the texture,  it has a citrus sent, and the color/shimmer is insane!

You can find it here I love the 3d color :) And I swear its what J-lo was wearing this on the top girls night wed. 

Ellen day outfit

I have got lots of emails like this-
"Hey girl! A friend of mine saw you on Ellen and was wondering where you got your cute shirt from that you wore on the show."

Bad news friends :( I got that shirt in the Fashion District and can't find it anywhere online. BUT Ill keep looking and if i do ill let you know, it is a lucky shirt ;) 


  1. You are so dang cute!

    I just ordered the lipgloss, I love me some lipgloss! Can't wait to get it!

    Thanks for this post!


  2. Just had to say you are seriously the cutest! I love watching you on studio 5! And I seriously cried for you when I watched Ellen! Congrats!! You are darling!

  3. I love this 'as seen on tv' idea! thanks for sharing!


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