Thursday, January 27, 2011

the key to a yummy, smelly house

Alright now this stuff is the best! This is my favorite fabric softener around. The smell seriously lasts forever. Ready for the tip?? Go buy it, come home and put it in a spray bottle mixed with water, then spray it everywhere!!!! I love to spray it in closets, on all the throw pillows, and on my sheets after they come out. . . .  It's a little taste of heaven.

Its at walmart and comes in more scent's. I love this one!


  1. I love this stuff to, but I've never mixed it w/ water like you said. I need to try that! You can also find this stuff from time to time in the dollar section at Target in smaller bottles!

    Loving your new blog!

  2. Target really?!! You must give me a heads up if you ever see it.

  3. done and done!!! I am buying it tonight!

  4. Awesome! Love little tips like this even if my house isn't really clean I love for it to smell clean and fresh. What's your ratio to water 50/50?


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