Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Night Stripes . . . .

I think it would only be right to always start our weekend off with some great striped photo love. If you read my photography blog then you know I'm very much obsessed with stripes. . .  Mostly the black and white ones.  My whole house might be covered in them :)

Today I was talking to my darling friend who just found out she is pregnant (Yahoo!) and she said she wanted to paint the baby's room like a circus tent. I thought it sounded totally darling but had no idea until I immediately googled it. 
I'm having a fit over this!!!! A fit!  . . . . like I might copy her for a playroom or something :)

Thanks for joining me on my blog's first week.  
{Even though I'm just a little offended you guys forgot to comment and tell me how DARLING my new puppy is ;) }


  1. Love it!

    I did black & white stripes over pink walls in my baby girls nursery.

    Loving your new blog as well as your photography blog.

  2. Laci,

    THose stripes are the cutest!! We are moving into a new house in a few weeks that we are going to totally redo. In all of our past houses I have chosen warmer colors, but I think I am going to do something on the cooler side. Maybe even a room devoted to Black and White! Do you want to help me pick colors? Or at least bounce ideas around with can come over and bring your kidlets to play with mine :) YOur Puppy is darling :)

  3. LOVE those pink stripes!!!!!! ...where can I do this???

  4. I know you don't know me but i just love your blog and your photography blog your very talented! I LOVE LOVE LOVE stripes to and have them all over my house I painted them on my daughters ceiling and they look awesome Stripes are the best!

  5. LOVE this! really. I really love your blog I feel like we are best friends. :)
    i needed some good stripe inspiration that is too cute.

  6. Ha! Your little adorable Chip is ALMOST making me rip up my no doggie prenup. ALMOST, I said. (Uh, just to specify, it wasn't official or anything...I just am terrified of dogs and made it clear to my man and he conceded in an unofficial document...ha!) I love your MAC picks. Can't wait to get that lipstick. I love NARS "funny face" and MACs Angel. Funny face is more expensive but packs a punch so you don't have to use much. It looks like one you'd like. Keep up your fun posts!


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