Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This post is dedicated to Chip

Meet our new puppy. He was our Christmas morning surprise, as if my life wasn't crazy enough :) Our kids were instantly in Love. Navi is my helper with him, Gray has "races" with him, and Annsli kisses, squeezes, and pats him all day . . . poor dog. So now that we have a dog I get to be even more annoying in blog land. In addition  posting 100 bragging photos of my kids, I get to do it with my dog also - awesome

So  . . . This is Christmas morning right when they got him
 I have to say Anns was the most in Love

 And Navi did "sleep" with him the first night. (for 30 min till she was out and I got him out of there)

He is a miniature Goldendoodle. I thought he was perfect. Doesn't shed, not to big or small.
And we named him Chip because his nose is just the same color as a chocolate chip
 This is what Navi does after school. . . . 

Oh and my best friend has a dog. . . . We are now insane. And Im going to buy her some stickers of her family plus the dog to put on the back of her car ;) And you can't see but her shirt says Dog Lover, from her husband for christmas.  LOL


  1. LAci,

    I am so excited you have a new blog! I want to add it to my blog list, but can't find the url what is the actual blog address?

    I am excited about your Laci's latest on Studio 5!!

  2. PS... Your puppy IS so cute!!!!! :)
    You guys are doggy-dorky-in-love.
    It's fabulous.

  3. how did I miss this post for almost a week?!!! Ha ha! Chip is so dang cute...and its only right for us to experience our first house pets together! love you :)


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