Wednesday, May 25, 2011

American Idol :)

Are you watching this season?? We went to the show the beginning of this year so I have been hooked :)
I think the final two are both so sweet and darling. 
But my fav Paul was off long ago (Nate dies that he was my fav! He loved Casey and ... that hot chick? lol)
Last night brought back fun memories of last year when I got to go to the finale! 
It was such a fun night
Me and my mom we in L.A for business during the week of the finale. We say at a hotel at L.A live right next to the Nokia theater, and we walking around trying to decide where to have dinner. That is when we ran into all the contestants from that season! (They had just left rehearsal)
We stopped and chatted a bit then..... they invited us to dinner with them!!!
It was so crazy to sit at a table with my two favs (Lacey Brown and Casey James)  stuff our faces while they are just singing along to all the songs playing in the restaurant.
 (Crappy I phone photos, but better than nothing)
 So, at dinner they hooked us up with tickets to the finale the next day! This is where we canceled our flight home that night and frantically ran trying to find anything that fit the dress code :)
 (This is also the night I got to be friends with Michael)
 Anyway it was such a fun trip for me and my mom and watching the finale this year totally brings back the excitement of it all!
I fly out to cape cod in the A.M to shoot a wedding!
Can't wait!

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