Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Night Stripes . . . .

You know when you haven't talked to a friend a awhile and the longer you go with out talking the harder it is to call? Well . . . thats how I feel about this blog. The more behind I got the more pressure I had about blogging. Make sense?
For now Im back :) 
Life got crazy
 I have been speaking, taking photos, making a pilot for a reality show, planning and having birthdays,  going to Florida, selling my house! AND the most important being a wife and a mom to my 3 darling kids.
So with my crazy life I MUST spend extra time with my sweet children and not blogging.
You agree,  right?
Things are back to "normal" crazy and I Love blogging so I now have time to do it at night when my kids are sleeping. 
Bottom line. They get me time first. So sorry for the absence.

Now on to Friday night stripes!
Here is a sneak peak into my home FULL of stripes. 
(click on blog to view video)


  1. You must tell us more about this reality show pilot and selling your house!! Eeekkk, so many interesting things...

  2. I love your blog and your segments on Studio 5! Sounds like you have LOTS of great things going on!! Love the stripes in your decor...SO CUTE!!

  3. What is this new reality show??!!! I'm so excited to see it!! P.s. Your mom is so wonderful! I met her back in Feb. when she came to my house to do a 'Happy Homes' segment for Studio 5. She made me feel like I had known her forever. You are one lucky daughter. ;)


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