Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Donuts are the new cupcakes?!

I have heard mentions of this and have been so hopeful that is true. Then last night on food network (my fav) They had a new show called Donut creations (spin off of cupcake wars) They stated this IS the new big thing, and cupcakes are soon out.
 I for one am thrilled Im much more of a donut gal :) But they wont be just your reg glazed donut. 
They are talking fabulous, and unique combinations. mmmmmmm



Are you a cupcake or donut gal?


  1. I have a thing for donuts, I'll admit that. But can't say I'll count out cupcakes altogether! ;)

  2. Donuts! I'm not a fan of cupcakes, I'll take a plain glazed over any kind of cupcake any day :)

  3. Madi lets hit up Krispie Kream together. Love those glazed babies :)

  4. I was a cupcake lover before they were "the thing" and I will be a cupcake lover after they are too! I like donuts too though!! xoxo, ~S


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