Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Will you accept this rose?

Ok do you all watch Bach? Love this season! 
So a lot of gals in my neighborhood get together and watch it every Monday. We have amazing food and usually talk so much I end up going home and watching it again. 
This week one of the fab gals made us all these cup holders. She is Insane!!! They are hilarious with all sorts of detail. It has a rose, the center jewel is a large diamond ring, and the back banner tops it off. I now need to go to sonic so I can use that baby :)

Here is a small part of our group.  With a arrow pointing to the master mind, Shana. 
Remember when the Black and White photos were so cool with a little touch of color. Like your kids sucker or eyes. LOL! Well Im not a fan sodon't call me to do photos like that ;) 
But I just couldn't resist on this photo

And Please bless Emily doesn't win so she will be the next bachelorette. 


  1. Oooooo, what could be better than a Sonic drink in a glittery, fancy cup? What a great way to make a happy day! I love these. Hmmmm, might have to glitter my next sonic.....

  2. what a scary looking bunch of bachelor fans!!! You must be missing a cute brunnette I know. Ok fine I am just jealous I missed the best night yet.


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