Monday, February 7, 2011

Color Melting

Friday I talked about color melting on Studio 5. It has been such a rage in Hollywood and its just now peaking in Utah. Why do you think the trend hasn't hit very hard here? Would you do it?
I have really Loved my hair melted. Its been melted for about 6 months and I just barley got sick of it this month. I think its because I want to pretend its spring :) 
If you decided to go for it you have to go to Brandi, she has got it down to a art!
(click on blog to view video)

Here is my article from studio 5's page
Ombre hair, or coloring melting, has been all the rage in Hollywood this last year and is now making its mark here in Utah! Color melting is basically a graduation of color from dark to light, or light to dark.Ombre (the official term) means "shaded," in French. That says it all - shading is exactly what this trend is all about.
This trend is perfect for that low-maintenance gal! In theory, the more my hair grew out, the better it looked - who doesn't love that?! I do think it's important to keep the colors rich and warm - remember, we are going for that beautiful "beachy" glow, not the "yes-I-did-just-grow-out-my-hair" look. The other great thing about this look is you can go as subtle or strong as you would like! Do what's comfortable for you and have fun looking like a celebrity!

Laci looked to stylist Brandi Holdaway, of Salon O, for her color melted look:

Salon O
815 East 400 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84102
(801) 746-1010

P.S a piece of my clothing that day was a found from the kids department in walmarts clearance for $5! I needed something to wear and ran to walmart the night before the segment at midnight. I found so much great stuff so this weeks posts may just be all about my great walmart finds :)
I was going to have you guess what . . .  but I don't think I want you to guess what part of my outfit looks cheap ;)


  1. I loved this segment, now I just need to find a stylist here in Phoenix to melt away on me! :)

  2. Thanks! Its a fun change to try :)


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