Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February I thought we were friends . . .

February is the month of love and my Birthday month so naturally I was kind of disappointed when we didn't start off so well. Lets start off the night before. . . . The paint. It was a nightmare. We got one wall done and Im still not sure its done. After many trips fixing paint and such we finally ended the night at 3am. I have never had a paint issue before so this is really rocking my world!
 Then on FEB 1st my lovely daughter woke up at 5am. (remember I went to bed at 3am) Grrrrrr. I put her in her highchair with some special k and a show. She took the cereal and threw it all over.
 As in all over my new wallpaper. Grrrrrrr  and all I had to stare at was my paint I hated. 
So by 9 am I was off for a diet coke and a jr frito wrap at sonic. Yes Im so gross. . . back off

and p.s i got a great Happy Birthday email from county crock it stated- Enjoy $0.40 off your next Country Crock.  Now maybe on a normal day that would have made me happy but  .40 cents really?! 

And burrrrrrrrr!!! How did the rest of you like that big smack in the face every time you walked outside?  it was 8 degrees during my frito run. With the windshield it was like -100 That woke me up ;) 

In the end my day turned out great and today must be better! Navi just walked in while getting ready for school hugged me and said "thank you so much for helping me pick out my clothes it teaches me that when I am a mommy and have a girl I should do this, and they will get to be fancy." She is a funny always thankful girl.
Happy Day!


  1. Laci - I feel like we are BFF's cause I watch you on Studio 5 and read your blog and I'm creepy like that. Anyway, I generally get the jr breakfast burrito if I need more sustenance than my sanity saving route 44 Diet Coke w/ cherry at Sonic. I'll have to try the jr. frito wrap next time. Happy Birthday!

  2. eek. sounds like a no-good day. i hope tomorrow is better!! so cute what Navi said. So sweet.

  3. Yes you must try the frito wrap! So yum :)
    Allegra! Hello :)


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