Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Playlist

I was just assigned to talk about my top 5 songs on Studio 5. To be honest, I have tried to find really "cool" new songs that I love. Then I snapped into gear and just went with my true all-time favorite songs - the ones that have always stuck with me. I think this list really shows all sides of me.

I have three fun-but-crazy kids so "Hallelujah" always helps me return to calm

THIS is the first time I fell in Love with this song. I was watching this at home and recorded it on my vhs. Then replayed it 100 times till I knew all the dance moves. . . .And years later I can still bust it out ;)
Plus what's a playlist with out Michael Jackson?

You may think I'm just a city kind of gal, but my dad is a farmer and I grew up in Bear River City. This song has just always been a favorite. It brings back great memories of my grandpa and that county girl inside of me.

This is the first song my now husband wrote for me. There plenty more I love but I won't bore you with the sappiness…:)

I have found that the best music isn't widely known. This is one of my favorite bands! You will Love a lot of their songs.

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