Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My own family photos, Yahooo!!!

Yaay Its finally my turn for photos. Is it ok to say I Love them?!
The thing is I had a vision in my head and knew it wouldn't come out exactly how I imagined
(because of crazy kids you can't make freeze) But It did! Just like in my head.
I have this friend Chelsea (remember HEREHERE and HERE, thanks to her those ideas in my head came to life perfectly.
She has a great eye and knows me so, so well!
I stayed up all night editing them not giving her a chance to show me all the edited ones first :)
as soon as she posts her edits I'll send you over.
Thank you Chels for making me the happiest girl ever
I hope this is how I make some of you feel after seeing you photos

Now I will be blowing up all of these on a new repainted (again) perfect spot in my house
But help me decide which one is the biggest?!
(love all for different reasons)

Photos by cjc photography
edited be me (all night in a excited hurry!)
or 3

K now I must encourage all of you to really think of the spirit of your family, kids and house

My home is bright. We are bright, and crazy just like the fair ;)
I also picked clothing not only based on location but on the accent colors in my home

I think its really important not to just bring great clothing to a shoot but a vision that represents your family
I think that's why I love favorite things so much. It shows us who you are, your spirit
so get dreaming up your next photo shoot. I can't wait to see!

oh ya, now go pick your fav photo for me already

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