Friday, January 20, 2012

Metallic Clothing

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*Brooke and I had a little girl fun after the show

Metallics are such a huge trend right now but can be a little tricky to pull off! Here are some of my favorite tips on how to do this trend

Mastering Metallics
Go For Gold
Gold looks glamorous and will make you feel like it too! Gold richens your skin tone, and hair, and you can't go wrong with this metallic color. Gold Sequin Shirt, H&M, $34.95
Keep It Loose
To keep away from an edgy look stick with a loose sweatshirt. This will help soften your look. Grey Metallic Sweater, H&M, $24.95
Make It Preppy
Metallics paired with collared shirts are happy and fun! It's the best way to make this look sophisticated. Gold Flecked Sweater, H&M, $34.95
Bold Is Beautiful
If this trend doesn't scare you then GO BOLD. If you own it everyone will love it! Leopard Print Dress, Macys, $65.40

Modern Metallic Accessories

Sperry Shoes, Nordstrom, $89
Gold Clutch, H&M, $24.95
Chic Print Nail Stickers, Sephora, $7
Sephora Gold Polish, Sephora, $9
Nails Inc. Silver Polish, Sephora, $10
Sephora Prisma Chrome Shadow, Sephora, $15
Gold Belt, J. Crew, $39.50
Shimmer Scarf, J. Crew, $18
City Lights Purse, Jillie Willie, *on sale for $36 if you use promo code: studio 5

I brought my youngest two to work with me and they were thrilled!
Brooke even caught them in her dressing getting their caillou on ;)

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  1. love all you picks! i need to go shopping for sure, and get some metallic in my closet! i love that pink leapord dress!


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