Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top beauty buys

This segment was so fun! Can it be called work when you get to go shopping with your bff?? 
I think not :)
These are our favorite Sephora finds. I would LOVE to hear yours!

Brooke's Picks
· Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer by Laura Mercier, $42
· Falling in Love Perfume by Philosophy, $50
· That Gal Face Primer by Benefit, $29

My Picks

 *Buxom Plumping Lip Gloss, $18
· High Beam Highlighter by Benefit, $26

· Emulsion Lip Exfoliant by Smashbox, $18

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  1. Good picks!! Looks like I need to try out a few new things. Buxom has been one of my fav's for the longest time. (I do believe a certain someone even photographed my family while I was wearing some Buxom). We really should be BFF's. Move over Brooke!!

  2. Whoa, I really need to get up to date in the makeup dept. That, or wear more than just mascara. Wanna come make me over? I've had the same makeup since my wedding, sad but true! Thanks for all the tips. You're too cute, Laci!!

  3. Well, you can't find mine at Sephora but it's the best! The Bobbi Brown shimmer brick that you two made me buy:) it changed my life!!

  4. Bre- Love that is says "sam" posted this. I didn't know he wore lip gloss ;)
    Plus we are bffs-
    Allegra- don't start its a bad habit! Plus you always look darling

    Chan- Don't you worry its online at sephora and they said its coming soon to the store! Im happy you love it


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