Thursday, April 28, 2011

Doing It for Dylan.

Meet Dylan

He is such a sweet boy and is one of my great friends son. Also my best friend Chelsea's (who I mention often on here) nephew. Dylan has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor (Diffused Pontine Glioma). He is currently undergoing a six week radiation treatment in hopes of shrinking the tumor. 
Inoperable is the key word here.
 There is really nothing they can do but shrink it and hope he has a few good healthy happy months Here is a great article in the Salt Lake Tribune that tells his story better than I can. 

I cannot even put into words how sweet this child is and how many miracles have happened in and around his family sense he has been diagnosed. Go read his blog. It will inspire you to be a better person, and go snuggle those sweet babies of yours because we never know how long God is lending them to us.

(Navi and Dylan 2007)

Now Mandy (Dylans mom) Owns Infinity Dance (where my Navi dances) and oh my goodness she is a crazy talented woman! Her dancers are amazing and she has influenced so so many in the dance world. Because of this, some amazing women are putting on a fundraiser Dancing for Dylan

You need to come! The best dance teams from across Utah will be there. Also in the Gym next door there will be games, treats and music. Come help support Dylan and his family by watching a killer dance show, having yummy treats, and biding on great stuff. Brooke Walker will be the MC, my husband's band lokalgrown will be playing in the game/treat/party room. I will be there taking photos. Plus  there is a great silent auction going on where you can bid on some great things. I will have a photography session to bid on, there will be a ton of Jillie Willie products and so so much more!
See you Monday!


  1. Hey Laci! I just saw your post. My school (Weber High) is actually doing a Dylan Shaw Run. I'm over the national honor society and we're all helping with it. I hope they can raise some money for him and his family.

  2. I love you. Thank you! Who knew a quick candid picture of those two could possibly mean so much. I will love it forever.

  3. Oh my goodness! He is adorable! What a handsome little man:-) AND what an amazing event to help support Dylan and his family. So inspiring. xoxo

  4. AMAZING - all of it! See you Monday night :)


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