Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eva in Salt Lake

Equals a great Birthday Dinner!

Last night my girlfriends took me out for a wonderful Birthday dinner(you heard birthday is coming! yahoo!) at my new favorite place... Eva.  It's a fun, trendy lounge where you order & share lots of small entrees called tapas. I love this concept because I can't ever choose what to order and this way I get multiple things :)  It's YUMMMM!

We even got crazy and made a movie or do I call it vlog??!

Note- I don't usually address my friends as "Chelsea Christensen from Uniformity" but its our little joke that now, because of  blogland everyone goes by their "blog title" instead of their real name..ha ha

Fun, fun night! Now, if only I had video of Brooke trying to squeeze dollar bills for those tiny little slots... in the massive snow storm.. while me and Chelsea ran inside for cover.  THAT would be a real treat ;)


  1. LOVE Eva!! It's one of my faves...happy birthday soon!

  2. oh i love eva's.

    please tell me you tried the rosemary parmesan french fries... to die for..

    happy birthday!

  3. Laci I loved the vlog!

    You guys are all adorbs and I love Brooke so much!!

    love your guts

  4. so cute! Q- where did you get your super cute white fedora you were wearing in one of your segments? I have been looking for one forever!!!!


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