Saturday, May 22, 2010

My living room

I have meaning to post about this forever. 
 I finally took photos this week (thanks to your comment Jaci) when the sun was happily shining through :)
Back in January we finally put up our wallpaper I had sitting around here for a few months!
I love it! The paper is a metallic base with texture and the black flowers are flocked. ahhhh
It makes for a great picture backdrop! hmmm need to post some of those


We also added a new light. I wish you could see it in more detail in this photo but it is just ruffly modern and still soft.  I also love that it hangs down so you can see it from the other rooms.
*Light photo added
should I get a fun cord cover?
p.s the metal looks normal in real life 
here is closer look of the wallpaper
Now I need your help! I have been searching for a year for pillows I love on this couch. I really like these but can't find anymore. You would think there would be more pink options. I love these and Then some others that are a circle hot pink fluffy flower. 
So when your at T.J Maxx and they appear you better get them for me! PLEASE :)


I also finally got a canvas. Love them. you need one!

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